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Welcome to Delriach Asmadi

About Us
Delriach Asmadi is a PST (Pacifc Standand Time) based guild that was founded nearly 2 years ago by our original guild leader Kalzeron. During that time we have fluctuated as the game has expanded and new players have joined, while old ones have gotten fed up/tired with Frogster antics.  During this time our roster has had over 110 members when you could expect to see 75+ online at a time and a year later we had been down to 3 guildies.  Currently we are sitting around 75 members and are not actively hunting for new members, though we rarely turn anyone away.

Our focus
Our guild charter is that of aquiring gear and ancient momento's through full-instance farming and generally just having an active/fun time while our members are online. 

(While we generally frown upon farming specifically for momentos we understand why people do that, and even suspect that we'll see many of our members doing it if they are not online during our normal instance farming times.)

What's your name mean?
Our original guild leader Kalzeron decided on the name by taking two Magic the Gathering playing card names and combining them.

  • Delraich (Mercadian Masques Series) (Yes ... it's Typo'd in our name)
  • Vaebictis Asmadi (Chronicles Series)

It was chosen for both it's uniqueness and for it's being hard to spell (as you must type the full name of a guild in in order to war it).

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